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 Experience top-notch with our professional Handyman. From Home repair to installations, we’re your go-to choice for reliable and efficient solutions. Discover the best handyman Bakersfield  – assistance  today by exploring our comprehensive offerings designed to meet all your residential needs. Call us now!!

Local Handyman Services in Bakersfield, Ca 

Are you finding yourself drowning in a to-do list of household work that seem to keep piling up? Well, welcome to the club! We’ve all been there – the leaky faucet, the squeaky door, the shelf that won’t stay put. That’s where the unsung hero of homeownership comes in. Our dedicated team of skilled contractors in Bakersfield, CA is committed to providing timely and efficient solutions for all your handyman requirements.

At Luther Construction, we take pride in offering comprehensive services that cater to your needs around the clock. Whether it’s to fix a repair, remodel, installations, or some general maintenance, we are at your service 24/7.  We understand that issues may arise at any hour, and our commitment to being available ensures that you can rely on our handyman services whenever you need assistance. 

Bakersfield Handyman Service : Home Repair Experts

Our Bakersfield Handyman service ensure that your needs are addressed in a timely manner. From plumbing issues to storage shed remodels and various household repairs, our dedicated contractor team tackles tasks with precision and speed. Whether you need laminate floor installation, residential repair, flooring installation, electrical work, home improvement, drywall repair, fencing, or more, including fixing, assembly, and baby-proofing services, We’re always ready to assist!! 

We understand the value of time for our customers, and that’s why we focus on delivering results within less time. Trust us to mend your repairs promptly and effectively, providing you with reliable solutions that meet the highest standards of craftsmanship. With our expertise in plumbing service, flooring services and more, you can rely on us to address your needs swiftly and leave your property with a well-maintained and functional space .

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    Our Services


    Expert assembly services to save you time and hassle.

    electrical work

    Rely on our electrical expertise for a secure and effective home.


    Upgrade your space with our professional flooring solutions

    baby proofing

    Ensure your home is safe for your little one with our expert baby-proofing assistance


    Expert plumbing assistance to keep your home's water flowing smoothly.


    Transform your garage into a functional and organized space with our services.


    Elevate your living spaces with skilled carpentry assistance for home transformation.


    Refresh your space with professional painting services by our experts.

    walls & ceiling

    Transform your walls and ceilings with our experts ensuring flawless finish every time.

    kitchen & bath

    Enhance your kitchen and bath with our solutions ensuring both functionality and style.


    Revamp your outdoor spaces ensuring durability and style for your exterior work.


    Tackle miscellaneous tasks effortlessly with our expert assistance.

    Reach out to us to start your work or project

    While you might attempt DIY fixes, why stress over it when you can have a skilled handyman to take care of business? These professionals not only bring the necessary skills but also the right tools, ensuring efficient and correct completion of the job.

    Contact our local handyman services and get the free estimate. They’re the everyday heroes who make home ownership less daunting and more enjoyable.

    Whether you’re curious about our services, eager to discuss a potential project, or in need of assistance with house-related tasks, kitchen remodeling, gazebos, or other remodel projects, Our service areas include in and around Bakersfield.

    Our construction-based company specializes in providing high-quality and reliable services to those looking to bring their construction projects to life.